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The second XunShiZu patrol work kick-off at anqing city in anhui province

Date: 2014-05-27

In the afternoon of May 26 provincial second XunShiZu patrol anqing city work kick-off meeting. Party secretary YuAiHua chaired the meeting and delivered a speech. Provincial party committee the second XunShiZu leader yong-he wang embarks on patrol work.
Second XunShiZu patrol TengQiYuan office director of the provincial party committee, provincial party committee deputy team leader zhang strength and XunShiZu member, standing committee of the municipal party committee, the standing committee, the municipal government, the CPPCC members of the leadership of the party group, the city court, the city's chief prosecutor at the meeting. Other in-service city department level cadres, various counties (city, area) party and government is primarily responsible for comrade, and straight units responsible for the comrades to attend the meeting.
Yong-he wang in his speech, pointed out that the course will focus on the focus on finding leading bodies and their members of the following: one is the forward movement to build a clean government and combat corruption, whether there is a violation of party to build a clean government accountability and integrity self-discipline regulation, whether there is a trade power, graft and corruption and bribery, corruption and other violations of problems; Paragraph two is in the middle of the executed eight aspects, the existence of formalism, bureaucracy, hedonism and luxury, whether there is a problem such as discount, make flexible; Three is in terms of discipline in the party's political discipline, whether the existence of involved party's theory and route policies published important political issues such as opposition, on the central policies and major policy decisions in part and other issues; Fourth, in the implementation of democratic centralism and cadre selection and appointment, the existence of autocratic, weak distractions, serious problems such as disunity, whether there is seducing sell buy officer, officer, fraud, illegal, make group of choose and employ persons should gang group and other abuses and with the corruption. At the same time, members of the leadership in clues and other aspects of major violations illegal question at the next lower level leadership team principal clues to also want to grasp the important problem. Provincial party committee XunShiZu will rely on the municipal party committee and the cadres and the masses, according to the authority given by the party constitution and patrol work regulations, thorough understanding, strive to discover problems, to ensure that the significant results were obtained.
YuAiHua stressed that this tour is a "pulse" consultation "for the work of anqing, is one of anqing cadres" political examination ". Leading cadres at all levels should fully realize the patrol work, will play a "woodpecker" role, to help us find and solve problems; Will play a role "flu shot", remind in advance to the cadre, veterinarian; Will play a "booster" role, to help us to improve our work, to speed up the development, the requirement of real thought and action unity to the provincial party committee and deployment. To actively cooperate with patrol work, consciously positioned, listen to the opinion, sincere accept their supervision. To the spirit of seeking truth from facts, objective and fair to reflect the situation, not whitewash, also don't rock the boat, make XunShiZu mastery of various aspects situation more comprehensive, more accurate, more deeply. To combine to carry out the education practice, the mass line of the patrol found and find problems, do the know the change, vertical line, truly accept tour process, become to find the gap and promote the work process, become a sound mechanism, promote the process of development, become a unified thought, refreshing, into the process of going, to take on responsibilities.
It is reported, provincial party committee the second XunShiZu will work in anqing city about one and half months. Patrol during handling reception site is located in anqing hotel guest floor, room 102, special phone for 0556-5398283, on the west side of south municipal party committee, municipal government office building, the west side of the north gate, the municipal, CPPCC municipal office building the gate on the east side, the west side of the building set respectively contact mailbox. According to patrol duties, provincial party committee XunShiZu mainly accepts the reflect that the leadership team and its members and the level of leadership, head of the main problems of letters, calls, visits, with a focus on the movement style of construction, party building, the political discipline, and to report and reflect selection and appointment of cadres. Other do not belong to patrol the scope of complaint reporting, the anqing city and its relevant departments will be effected according to the provisions of serious processing.