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There's a huangmei opera hall anqing

Date: 2014-10-13

Year I meeting in jiuhua mountain, the August suddenly received notice: fled to anqing after the meeting, to participate in the "anqing huangmei opera hall" opening ceremony. Hall is...? I had never heard of, as the name implies, when associated with huangmei opera. Arrived at anqing, and you'll know about is really a good one, should be applauded.
Anqing is huangmei hometown.
The original legend, huangmei opera originated in huangmei county of hubei province. Recently some textual research: there are two most huangmei opera, coloratura part (mostly two playlet, three playlet) derived from hubei huangmei the countryside; And the plate cavity part part (mostly) is rooted in anqing region in our province. So people see huangmei opera as GuXiangXi, anqing area like it, be proud. Only in terms of anqing city heyday, often with six or seven theatre huangmei opera performance at the same time, is the so-called "dozen pig every day, night after night make lanterns", fully demonstrates the attachment of huangmei opera. Play is a tireless, the viewer is not weakness, and should be interactive, prosperity of the huangmei opera art, both the active mass cultural life. Now, huangmei opera has gone from wan jiang strutting towards the world, become one of the influential representative operas in China. However, over the years, in anqing city do not have a fixed huangmei opera venues, needless to say, outsiders in anqing, it is difficult to see a huangmei opera is anqing locals without major holiday, also can only from the radio and TV in time. Now, in this embarrassing insiders, finally ran out of the midst of the sigh a way, anqing huangmei opera one regiment and AnQingXin home buyers to join hands in creating "anqing huangmei opera hall" and literary arises at the historic moment. Hall integrating teahouse culture and art theatre, as well as member of the tea, and considerable play leisure; Troupe had place, with the theatre audience, fully staffed, was a masterstroke.
Hall is located in the downtown area. You step into the hall, the wind of the long and elegant. Upstairs downstairs, before and after the whole design simple atmosphere, both traditional styles and The Times style. Sitting near the square table, green tea a cup, a plate of fruit and melons, gongs rang, dance together... Is really wonderful. Taste, charm and taste in it. From now on, no matter the anqing person or foreigner, want to see a huangmei opera hall please, won't have to worry about also don't need a pity. According to hall director tell: here mainly show huangmei opera, and not just the huangmei opera, will also be in accordance with the requirements of the guests camera introduce wan jiang cultural wonders - exorcising, even play, YueXi Gao Qiang and other sister arts. The idea has a vision.
Today to talk about development of huangmei opera art, also must adhere to the opening-up strategy, diversified road. Traditional learning and reference to other together; On the stage, movies, TV together; City theater, town square up together; The party, karaoke bars, hall together; Domestic tour, foreign exchange together; Coupled with an audience, listening to public opinion, expert advice. Only in this way can we constantly expand, huangmei opera art market. Let the market play to revitalize the troupe, to temper, cultivating actor. Hall opened, made a good start, it is one yuan of multivariate. Hope that it will stick to it, follow the rules of the art market, make the flower of huangmei opera hall this novel more colorful, more beautiful!