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Anqing tourism actively "go out" enthusiasm "face in"

Date: 2014-08-08

Anqing as the national excellent tourism city, has many tourism resources, tourism market has huge potential. Anqing city tourism project innovation, product innovation, industrial structure innovation and service innovation, constantly optimize the development environment.
Tourism revenue
14.778 billion yuan
In the first half of this year, the city tourism economy still maintained a steady and rapid growth, 1 - June, the city had received 56600 tourists from entry, year-on-year growth of 29%; Tourist foreign exchange income of $38.42 million, up 56.31%; Reception of domestic tourists 18.8373 million, up 13.80%; Domestic tourism income of 14.54 billion yuan, up 15.54%; Tourism revenue of 14.778 billion yuan, up 16% from a year earlier. Reception of domestic tourists, domestic tourism income, tourism revenue three indicators respectively in the province's third, third and fourth. Reception of inbound tourists, tourist foreign exchange revenue growth in the first in the province.
Actively expand the market space
Channels based on the advantage, innovation, do big traditional market at the same time, Rio tinto in emerging markets. Since this year, anqing tourism taken image shows "please come in", started the brand promotion strategy of "going out". In the first half of this year, the municipal tourism administration organization anqing tourism enterprises successively in shenzhen, yiwu, chongqing and other places to participate in tourism promotion activities, not only broaden the anqing city special tourism product sales channels, and also from the domestic market gradually towards a more open international market, at the same time to promote the city tourism product design, development, production and sales, anqing city tourism product market competitiveness has important influence. , according to market development of the tourism board coco Wu Qiuyong long March 20 this year, the municipal tourism administration was held in chongqing "one thousand ancient yicheng, the scene of new anqing, anqing city, anhui province tourism seminar". On May 16, the zhuhai tourism sector organizations to participate in the 4th "BBS" Yangtze river and the central cities along the Yangtze river informationization work conference in 2014. In July, the travel network and anqing anqing city tourism e-commerce platform and anqing mobile client synchronization. On April 16th, the official opening of anqing - chongqing Yangtze river cruise ship new routes, led the city "one-day tour". In addition, again opened on July 1, country garden tourist bus line (the west).
Order to promote projects
In anqing, the tourism industry development is a fusion of one, two, tertiary industry comprehensive development concept of "big tourism". In the first half of the anqing tourism actively pushing forward the construction of the project to strengthen the fusion of first and second industry, focus on cultivating tourism new formats, enrich tourism products, will create new growth point for the development of tourism industry. It is understood that in five thousand expo garden phase ii, tongcheng culture museum, flower pavilion lake tourist wharf, YueXi hot springs health cultural park, phase ii of the dabie mountains rainbow waterfall, phase ii of encrinite hole and so on a number of key tourist projects progressing smoothly.
Actively introduce the top 20 leading enterprises in anqing, cultural tourism planning and development of the tourism board, chief Wang Yi told reporters that the city tourism bureau please high level professional team work anqing culture tourism resources, selected 12 tourism investment projects, compiled a book of tourism projects; To MoPai nationally known cultural tourism investors) the tourism investment enterprise directory.
To transform and upgrade, the scenic area in the first half of this year, the city tourism bureau commissioned from anhui university team is anqing city 4 a grade scenic spot quality promotion project planning investigation, will be more than 4 a-class tourist scenic spot in anqing city to service quality to win the international cultural tourism destination and to a scenic tourist guide new urbanization area benchmarking.
In the second half of anqing city tourism work will be closely around to fully integrate the international cultural tourism demonstration area construction in the south of anhui, in resource integration, project construction, market development, strive to improve service, etc. That improve growingly opened tourism, enhance the level of anqing city tourism marketization and internationalization.
The micro evaluation
Industry vigorous development
Market potential is tremendous
In one sentence to describe anqing tourism industry is booming, huge potential ". At present, the tourism environment of anqing city is very good, "going out" and "please come in" a lot of guests, at the same time increase the amount in the first half of the individual than ever nearly half.
More and more people choose on holidays and relatives and friends travel together. Travel agencies will focus on government organizations, to diversify the individual group, at the same time, the innovation spots planning, delicate and brand packaging, rich choice, to adapt to the elderly group, the youth league, different groups such as parent-child group requirements. For the travel agency, the stand or fall of quality and service becoming the key factor of competition in the peer. Market prospects, the better, will be more competitive.
Their opinions
Compared to previous years, the number of city travel agency has markedly increased, provide travel routes and quality is more perfect, what scenic spots have favourable activity, also can quickly get on the Internet. All in all, tourism is becoming more and more quick and convenient, is becoming a indispensable part of people life. - citizens of anqing Xue Zhuyun lady
Anqing is not only a national excellent tourism city, also is carrying a few period of splendid historical and cultural city in the past. Some hidden deep in the culture at the bottom of the tourism resources, as the wine in the deep, there is none that knows, how to effectively promote and protect them, needs the joint efforts of people from all walks of life.