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"Small business travel is borrowed" power anqing results show tourism development

Date: 2014-07-29

"Small business travel is borrowed" is icbc branch in anhui province within the national system of a financial product. Pilot so far in August last year, less than a year, the industrial and commercial bank branch in anhui province have for anqing, chizhou, chuzhou, ma on shan four city nine tourism enterprises to provide a $164 million loan, with more than 100 small and micro tourism enterprises signed loan interest. Into the anqing city recently, reporter interviewed the city part of the successful application to the small business travel is borrowed "the scenic area, representatives of these companies talk about their feelings.
"Small business travel is borrowed" first taste of anqing power of tourism
"Small business travel is borrowed" is a creative icbc branch in anhui province introduced to support the loan by way of scenic spot transferor pledge a solution to financing problems of the scenic spot product, since August 2013 in anqing city pilot, has achieved fruitful results.
As the cities with rich tourism resources, with the anqing in recent years the rapid development of tourism, tourist enterprise financing demand increasingly strong, tourism enterprises facing increasingly highlight the plight of financing difficulties. For destitute areas buried hill, YueXi, taihu county, rich in tourism resources of special advantage of cultural tourism industry loan problem, anqing branch of icbc caught in August 2013 as a "small business travel is borrowed" the opportunity of the first pilot city, time to launch the anqing version of the "small business travel is borrowed" credit products, since the open credit YueXi, buried hill is greatly enhanced by the development of characteristic industry, the tourism has obtained the good economic and social benefits. So far, anqing branch of icbc has issued "small business travel is borrowed" 5 enterprises, respectively YueXi rainbow waterfall, taihu valley rafting, buried hill mt.tienchu tourism development company total loans of 88 million yuan.
According to reporter understanding, for solving tourism enterprise financing difficult problem, as early as June 2012, the city was first introduced on the financial support of anqing opinions on the development of cultural tourism industry. At the same time, in 2013, anqing branch of icbc from the aspects of corporate finance, off-balance-sheet financing, innovation introduced property usufruct investment business, small business operational property loans, and other products.
Dabie mountain rainbow waterfall with tourism to borrow
As industrial and commercial bank of tourism credit business lending in the first part of the country, the city of yuexi county of dabie mountain rainbow waterfall scenic area was realized successfully used loans 20 million.
According to introducing, learned after industrial and commercial bank of its "small business travel is borrowed" business, suffer from a lack of dabie mountain rainbow waterfall scenic spot to industrial and commercial bank development funds YueXi branch submitted the loan application. "In the past, 20 million of loans at least need more than a month of time, but this time, we took only a week time, put the loan to the scenic spot." Industrial and commercial bank of YueXi sub-branch, JinXiao Liu Jieshao said, "borrowed" small business tourism product is the scenic area as the mortgage, the transferor loan time limit for 5 years, line up to 30 million yuan, mainly is suitable for the operating full two years, annual business income is 3 million yuan, annual tourist hotels "more than 30000 people above 3 a-class tourist scenic spot, to the aaa and has yet to gain quality grades of scenic area, as long as the competent department of city tourism into the key scenic spots to create program will also get positive support.
"We have only 88 meters, the waterfall before the 20 million loans down after we take out money, at the beginning of this year will be a waterfall height of 10 meters, there are 98 meters, is the highest a waterfall in the east China area." Waterfall scenic area deputy managing director, said wang is high, the more popular, "51" little long holiday during this year, people mountain people sea scenic spot, had plenty of parking space becomes inadequate, the scenic spot of income than in previous years has greatly increased. Scenic spot, executive vice President wang said.
8 million yuan luo river rafting sentiment geometric growth
The same taste "small business travel is borrowed" "sweetener" scenic spot and luo river rafting.
It is reported that luo river rafting in taihu county is located in anqing city is a relatively "young" scenic area, anhui province development operation only more than three years time. Unlike other drift, the drift of the river is the original ecological transformation, boasts beautiful scenery along the way, is remote, up to 69 meters, long time, nearly two hours all the way, bring tourists is the experience of abnormal stimulation, narrowly missed, so it was very popular, last year alone, tourists are more than 60000 people. However, due to the lack of money, the depth of the scenic area development and construction of supporting facilities has been stagnant. "In February, industrial and commercial bank of taihu lake branch one-time loans to 8 million yuan, we solve our immediate concern." Says qing-song xu, general manager of the scenic spot, the loans, the procedure is simple, is dealt with quickly. "With the money, we will dare to let go of the hands and feet dry. This year, we added 200, 1400 tourists can one-time received, and we increased the marketing propaganda, tourists can have at least 100000 people this year."