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Anqing city actively started "the hometown of huangmei opera" tourism brand

Date: 2014-07-20

Recently, the "second (anhui) tourism brand festival" in hefei grand opening, tourism bureau led yuexi county, anqing city in five thousand expo garden in counties and cities and major tourism scenic area, actively launched "Chinese township of the huangmei opera - anqing" tourism brand.
The tourism brand theme of "honor and foresight", is divided into the association, peak BBS, brand promotion, tourism promotion, annual meetings five major parts. The inspector of the anhui province tourism administration, the famous tourist expert wu hao, travel experts, society is a famous scholar liu attended, from Shanghai, zhejiang, jiangsu, hubei, shandong, jiangxi, henan and other provinces and cities traveling salesman and industry representatives, the provincial tourism around the city leadership, the province's key tourist county party committee government leaders, and travel around the city business representative, the mainstream media reporters, all over the country and province and deputies to the national network talent, tourism colleges teachers and students on behalf of and for a total of more than 400 people in hefei tourists.
Mountain, water, people, and composition of anhui "dead" word, "nanjiang north" constitutes the anhui tourism four big tectonic plates. Section of this brand for four representative scenic spots "landscape humanity" and "the nanjiang north" four key county is the brand positioning and brand building and brand vision for the interview and ask questions.
Yuexi county in the "four" nanjiang north county tourism brand "wan jiang tourism zone" in the representative, will continue to become bigger and stronger "be lucky, be pure land YueXi" tourism brand, to speed up the building is given priority to with "fitness" of the stone clearance training base mainly focuses on the "health" phase ii of hot spring international industrial park and to "cultivate one's morality" as the main body of SiKongShan zen culture construction. Article five thousand expo garden on the "four" landscape cultural tourism brand of "cultural tourism", bend force makes the phase ii project of "ten mile gallery" will be opened during the National Day this year, in the cultural tourism industry integration, expo garden his achieved perfection, attracted national media attention and the favour of tourists across the country.