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Wangjiang ancient line of water conservancy scenic spot in anqing tourist attractions at the provincial level

Date: 2014-05-15

Anqing is the hometown of culture, is the hometown of travel. Recently, wangjiang county ancient line of water conservancy scenic spot was named the second batch of provincial water conservancy scenic spot in anhui province.
Ancient line of water conservancy scenic spot is the same with (Wu Changhu, arashi rod lake) a library (or hidden temple reservoir) a river in tahe (treasure) as the backing, by terrestrial, biology, hydrology, humanities, engineering, comprising five landscape set level scenic spot of 8, 12 secondary attractions, level 3 spots 12, scenic areas a total area of about 180.35 square kilometers. Wangjiang historical and cultural scenic area to the characteristics, focus to build for the collection of water resources function, ecological function, leisure vacation, visit the view, characteristic agriculture, cultural transmission, popular science education as one of the water conservancy scenic spot integrated with regional characteristics.
Anqing city main tourist attractions:
1. The small SuSong butte
2. YueXi SiKongShan
3. The taihu lake expo garden, flower pavilion lake in five thousand
4. Buried hill tianzhu mountain scenic area
5. CongYang fushan scenic spot
6. Anqing city vibration wind towers, country garden