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Anqing will create beautiful construction area in China

Date: 2014-04-28

As the international culture of south anhui tourism demonstration area construction and development planning outline of the formal approval, anqing city cultural tourism into the "national" strategic planning, to rise to the "state" first try demonstration area
Through anqing city tourism steering committee member unit for nearly three months of hard work, the international cultural tourism demonstration area construction in southern anhui province development plan outline (hereinafter referred to as the "outline", in our city. At present, the our city around one place "" area of the beauty of the drafting of China construction first, inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture innovation, building a world-class tourist destination" three sub scheme "first draft has been completed, enter the revision stage.
This year on February 12, agreed to by the state council, national development and reform commission formally approved the "outline". Anqing, huangshan, such as chizhou included seven city, YueXi, taihu, qianshan county into three demonstration area. Program for the internationalization as the main characteristics, focus on seven city culture tourism bundled together around the world, towards the internationalization path. At this point, the city cultural tourism into the "national" strategic planning, to rise to the "state" first try demonstration area.
City tour refers to appoint personage points out, "outline" put forward three strategic positioning for demonstration area construction, create beautiful construction area in China, a world-class tourist destination area, inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture innovation. Including "beautiful construction area in China" in the country is also put forward for the first time, to lead the demonstration of the same kind of regional economic transformation development has important significance. Around three major strategic positioning, put forward the planning program, leading to the ecological environment quality in 2020, a significant cultural tourism industry, cultural tourism internationalization level and improved, and increase the income of urban and rural residents quickly, constantly enhance its capability of public service five goals. Put forward to complete to speed up the construction of beautiful southern anhui, inheriting regional culture innovation, comprehensively improving the quality of development, actively promote the regional cooperation, joint development of related industries, to speed up the perfect infrastructure, vigorously promote social harmony seven major tasks.
Learned, building construction area "" beautiful China, zhuhai for rural tourism and beautiful rural construction integration development, from the perspective of the support and standardize the farmhouse, extending to the rural tourism industry chain, to the peasant, to promote the rural tourism development. Construction of "inheriting Chinese excellent traditional culture innovation zone", unswervingly adhere to cultural tourism integration development, zhuhai anqing characteristics such as the cultural area of huangmei opera, zen culture brand cultural element in tourism development, build a famous historical and cultural city. To build "A world-class tourist destination", continue to strengthen and expand the city's existing 59 national A level scenic area, to improve the quality of the scenic area and the development of space. Provide the basis for perfecting the top-level design.
In project planning, the zhuhai city alone chose 12 tourism investment projects. In the local township, xiangyin, play, nostalgia as the theme of the huangmei opera the grand view garden project; Culture and to highlight yicheng, reappearance one thousand yicheng style yicheng memory as the theme of the one thousand square project; And combination of anqing binjiang characteristics and resource advantages, according to the domestic first-class, the Yangtze river is famous for the construction standard, transform large renmin road south gate of historic blocks, and the surrounding historical cultural projects is also included.