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Arts festival and the masses always "zero distance" The third "huangmei huangmei opera in words"

Date: 2015-09-26

A city with a kind of drama has continued since from 1992, 23 years, (anqing) huangmei opera art festival, China has gone to the seventh, 23 years would be enough to make a holiday from lively to mature, walked into a brand.
For every annual arts festival, the drama performance is not only a review of development of huangmei opera, and millions of fans waiting in a most direct feedback.
In 1992, the first session of huangmei opera art festival, held at the party on October 6, "Huang Meizhi township" of more than 200 professional and amateur actors out for good play excerpts and huangmei singing and dancing, play has the characteristics of "willow" in the ninety s. During the festival, huangmei opera special roll out 5 repertoire, including creative play 2 sets.
The 2nd art festival in 1995, the opening ceremony for the nearly 2000 square cultural and artistic performance of the actors to participate in, get up late on October 9, in sequence peacock flying southeast "big Joe and Joe", and "prosperous figure" a dream of red mansions "whiner" ", "outstanding drama of six and five generations group launched a huangmei opera adaptation in Taiwan.
The third art festival in 2003, "north and south, east and west huangmei" began festival theatrical performances, famous MingDuan old play bone show won a standing ovation.
In 2006, the fourth art festival, a total of 15 new huangmei opera performance, including "thunderstorm" "backfire" eiko "" old age" "borrow a wife" "mist blue legend" "for the slave's mother" the six feet lane chunjiang woman "game-writing protocol qingfeng-xiangguang fracture" "rouge lake" pagoda tree rumours "qing angels" and Singapore's huangmei opera institute special playlet, respectively is "can" and "phoenix egg".
The fifth festival in 2009, various counties city were carried out for 10 categories of more than 50 series of activities, launched a total of 16 sets huangmei opera new repertoire, including the country women below the Xu Xilin "come in" the li siguang the jianghuai ErNan "slave big sky" the Mid-Autumn festival in the red chamber tanchun "snow" canna "XieQuan" thunderstorm "the butte mazu" tongcheng six feet lane "hui hu xueyan" narcissus Jane ".
The 6th art festival in 2012, a total of 13 11 special huangmei drama, yuexi county respectively Gao Qiang special adaptation, SuSong county south word "Yang Fuchu and huangmei drama" inch grass heart "" yuanyang pot" "pearl soup" remains a LAN "pomegranate doesn't open to elder brother back" of the woman only mountain "the mandarin duck sword" "half moon" "five female offer birthday felicitations of SCFL (six chapters of a floating" huizhou the past ".
In 2015, the seventh festival, a total of 23 drama to excellent huangmei drama performance, respectively, at the beginning of the little marry "" to the dream of" the officer on the "Huang Hu a communal" fengming hong cun, the family so big a "lonely han qing" the magistrate lian chan "custom house" "by the good promotion" "top west" the qing xian in the castle peak as the shop "phenomena" "lee from FuJian Yu Sansheng anecdotes, the younger sister Eva to cross the river" misty rain almond flowers village "the Hu Jiu root as" type finish "qing angel Zhao Wenjie" female xu ".
From the first festival parade floats, square, in a city and the celebration was born of the masses, this street art, it is destined to the celebration square art unfettered way of public participation, the whole city from now on to exult.
From into the community, to the streets to large literary perform play new play performance, huangmei opera, huangmei opera select performance, huangmei opera square performances, a nationwide theatergoers PiaoYouHui etc., to now the seventh China (anqing) huangmei opera art festival, huimin performance is there, from $10 per huimin special fares to public welfare performance, from the square art every day to 105 square area of huangmei opera films screened, greetings from theatergoers network hui heard huangmei, art festival and the masses always "zero distance".